Rick Goldin - Library Programs & Concerts

Rick loves playing at libraries!

His library programs include songs about books and reading, participatory movement songs, puppet routines, and lots of silliness and fun.

Every year Rick puts together a music and puppet program to follow the national summer reading theme, but his library shows are fun for the whole family any time of the year.


Other Library Programs

"Rockin' at the Library; Songs, Puppets and Fun!" - songs about music, musical instruments and musicians.

"A Hammer and a Book; Songs about Building and Reading" - songs about tools, building and design, construction vehicles and other building themes.

"Reading Aerobics; Music, Fitness & Fun!" - songs about sports and athletes and other fitness themes.

"Everyday Heroes" - songs about the heroes in our communities who work hard every day; moms & dads, teachers, doctors and nurses, firefighters, police officers, librarians and more

"Science is Fun!" - songs about basic science topics

"I Dig Reading" - songs about animals that live underground, dinosaurs & other underground topics.

Space is the Place” - songs about astronauts, space travel, and the stars and planets

"Dream On; Books, Dreams and Imagination" - From Dorothy's dream about the Land of Oz, to Max's visit with the Wild Things, children's books are full of dreams and imagination

"Going Green" - songs about nature and animals, recycling, saving energy and other environmental topics

"Reading Road Trip USA" - songs about travel, transportation & the fifty states of the USA

Wild About Books” - songs about animals, nature and the environment