2017 Library Summer Reading Program

"A Hammer and A Book; Songs About Building and Reading"

Rick Goldin's "A Hammer and A Book" music and puppet program is an upbeat and entertaining family concert that fits in well with the 2017 library summer reading theme "Build a Better World".

It includes songs about books, reading, and libraries, as well as songs about carpenters, tools, lumber, construction vehicles and other building themes. It also features appearances by Rick's singing animal puppets Henry the Horse, Quackleberry Duck and others.

Rick's children's concerts feature singing and song-leading of original and familiar songs (with guitar accompaniment), movement songs, child-participation, and lots of silliness and fun for the whole family.


1. Construction Songs

"The Building Train" (the building train visits children's books about building and construction)

"A Hammer and A Book" (the hammer helps us build but the book shows us how)

"The Tool Song" (a song about the tools that we use to build and repair things)

"Let's Go Down To The Hardware Store" (the one down the street, not the big one at the mall)

"My Mom Is A Carpenter" (yes, and she's a good one!)

"Touch A Truck" ( a song about trucks and construction vehicles

 2. Interactive Movement Songs

"The Sit Down, Stand Up, Sit Down, Stand Up, Sit Down, Stand Up, Sit Down Song"

"The Stop and Go Dancing Song"

"The Wiggling Dance"

"Everybody Likes To Jump"

3. Songs About Books & Reading

"I Like To Read" (an upbeat song about books, reading and going to the library)

"Reading is Easy", "I Read A Book Every Day"

"The Cat In The Hat"

"I Dreamed I Went To Hogwarts"

"Quackleberry Duck Learns To Read" (A Quackleberry Duck puppet skit)

(note: all of these songs won't be included in each show)